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Mark R. Hailey’s newest Fitness eBook

Mark R. Hailey's collection of magazine and blog articles comes together in his new ebook entitled Fitness Mosaics.

Mark takes a unique, entertaining, and informative approach to a number of health and fitness topics. You get a better understanding of metabolism when he compares the inner workings of the human body to the inner workings of a car. You discover your inner Cro-Magnon by understanding, through evolution, that you are genetically programmed to succeed in fitness. While on a trip to visit a friend in Riga, Latvia, he writes about Eastern European fitness habits and how they "practice what we preach". He talks about stumbling into the world of Yoga, and writes a "for men only" article on how they too can reap the benefits of Yoga … all while keeping their male egos intact.

These, and other, articles give you a better perspective on fitness and help empower you to make the changes you desire.  Like the title indicates, Fitness Mosaics is a compilation of articles that creates an over all fitness picture.

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